Braunmycin® SepC™

Braunmycin® [Olisferrol®SepC™] is not antibiotic but may work as an adjuvant [adjunct therapeutic]. Specifically, its a Co-enzyme so it has affinities for apo-enzymes. Accordingly, this vitamin has the capacity to bind Apo-enzymes in sepsis or at the very least complex with other Apo-enzymes that can chelate certain heavy metals or its co-factor. Braunmycin® SepC™ can neutralize narcotizing sepsis toxins by dismantling minerals associated to it. Some toxins need mineral components to work or can cease or minimize function when they are reconfigured my other molecules.

Classification: Parental Vitamin Nutrition 
Indication: Supplement for natural replenishment of anti-infective blood plasma proteins [interferons]. Use prophylactically or as required by the clinical condition of the patient.
Active ingredient: 5000-IU  Braunmycin [L-Aspartic Acid] -0.002 moles dietary iron
Prophylactic Use: Helps body fight fever, malaise, and flu-like symptoms associated with opportunistic infections like but not limited to:
  • Malaria, 
  • Cancers fueled by microbes
  • Cold like viruses like influenza and Covid-19,
  • Pneumonia, 
  • AIDS, 
  • Tuberculosis,
  • HIV [McPATH].
Therapeutic Use: Helps body fight Sepis
Contraindication: Asthma patients; infants < 1; people with uncharacterized auto-immune disease like type 1 diabetes.
Dosage: Once-Weekly/Monthly or as directed by physician
Storage: 15oC-37oC
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Braunmycin® Sep-C™ [5000-IU I.V vitamin C]
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