Olisferrol® Organic
  • Non prescription  
  • Over the counter 
  • Not a drug
  • x5 capsules per blistercard

Classification: Anti-infection Vitamin [Dietary Supplement] (organic)
Indication: Supplement for natural replenishment of anti-infective blood plasma proteins [interferons]. Use prophylactically or as required by the clinical condition of the patient.
Inactive ingredient: 570-mcg Echinacea or Golden seal Root
Active ingredient: 70-IU Braunmycin [L-Aspartic Acid] with - 25% dietary iron
Indication: Prophylactic use. Helps body fight fever, malaise, and flu-like symptoms associated with opportunistic infections like but not limited to Malaria, Cancers, Pneumonia, AIDS, Tuberculosis and HIV [McPATH].
Contraindication: Asthma patients; infants < 1; people with uncharacterized auto-immune disease like type 1 diabetes.
Dosage:  Once-daily after fasting and before meals
Storage: 15oC-37oC
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